2019-02 Stanford Women in Management Gro

A great facilitator unearths difficult truths allowing groups to learn from each other.  Having served as a moderator for the Young President’s Organization, Suzanne has honed this skill with CEOs of both public and private companies.

Suzanne frequently moderates panels on topics some find difficult to discuss including issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Her style is direct but nurturing and she uses humor when appropriate.


Suzanne has run board and team retreats where difficult conversations had to be facilitated in a way that ensured all voices were heard and at the close of the day the group felt more trust with their colleagues and optimism for the future.



"Suzanne was an absolutely exceptional guest speaker in my UC Berkeley course.  Her powerful combination of inspiration and vulnerability had students captivated the entire time.  Many students commented to me after class on how her talk gave them new perspectives both on themselves as people and for the impact they hope to have in the world."

Alex Budak